After leaving their mark on Murrells Inlet, Athens, Biloxi and St. Petersburg, the beloved gang heads to Savannah for an unforgettable, last vacation. Season five ensures no shortage of drama as Lyle and fianceé, Santana, near their breaking point when rumors of her infidelity are sparked by his roommates.

Tears are shed and punches are thrown as everyone tries to get to the bottom of the situation. Meanwhile, Mattie may have finally found a guy who can keep up with her, and Daddy is determined to leave this vacation on a high note – with as many marlins in pretzels as possible.

From the producers of Jersey Shore comes the most outrageous Party Down South. Follow eight young, brazen adults for one wild summer of extreme fun. Their summer vacation spot, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, may never be the same after these fast friends work, party and bond with one another over their common love of the South.



Josh Murray

Lauren White

Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright

Lyle Boudreaux

Mattie Breaux

Ryan "Daddy" Richards

Tiffany Heinen

Walt Windham

Hannah "Hott Dogg" Guidry


CMT’s Party Down South – Season Finale Preview

The cast says goodbye to Savannah and to each other for the last time.

CMT’s Party Down South – March 31 Preview

Lyle officially breaks it off with Santana over the phone. The crew bets on their Segway race, boys versus girls.

CMT’s Party Down South – Oh Daddy Reunion Flashback

Some of Daddy's hilarious moments... in a montage.

CMT’s Party Down South – Cutting Room Floor

Here's what you didn't see straight from the cutting room floor.

CMT’s Party Down South – Episode 507 in 4 Minutes

Season 5 Episode 4 summed up in 4 minutes. Catch new episodes of Party Down South Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT.

CMT’s Party Down South – March 17 Preview

As Lyle spends time in the hospital, Mattie gives Santana a piece of her mind. Lauren flips her lid and the whole kitchen pays for it.

The Final Funnel – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 12

Christine Lakin hosts a last look at the laughs, fights, hookups and breakups from five memorable vacations comprising a group of eight southerners with an unbreakable bond.

Last Call – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 11

Lauren discovers how to neutralize Martha, Lyle fields one last call from Santana, and Walt suggests creating a time capsule to commemorate the gang's last vacation together.

Foul-Weathered Friend – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 10

The men look for payback as they challenge the women to a paintball battle, Bubba surprises Tiffany with a visit, and Lyle and Mattie take turns partying out of control.

Single on a Segway – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 9

The men battle the women in a high-stakes Segway relay race, Murray gets lucky, and when Lyle's promise ring comes off, Mattie wonders if the time is right to make a move.

Watermelon, Meet Lartha – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 8

When Lauren "gets it going" one night, the house is introduced to Lartha, while Mattie has words with Santana, and Murray's friend Chi Chi helps Tiffany forget about Bubba.

Wild Lyle Down – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 7

The crew heads to South Carolina to see a NASCAR race close up, thanks to Daddy's connections, but once back home, troubling news concerning Santana puts Lyle into a tailspin.
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