When social connector Larry Sims invites six of his friends from different phases in his life on a luxury vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, no one knows what to expect, especially since most of his friends know next-to-nothing about the other guests.

While Larry is the common thread who ties them together, they each have very different personalities and relationships with their BFF. As Larry’s worlds collide, fireworks erupt and he realizes there was a valid reason he hadn’t mixed them up before.

With betrayal and jealousy lurking at every confrontation, keeping the peace among friends he previously kept apart will be no easy task. With cameras rolling 24/7, secrets can’t be hidden and nothing stays private as old wounds resurface, new relationships form, and friendships are permanently altered.



Larry Sims

Emily Moses

Kamani Alana

Agu Ukaogo

Bianca Banks

Malaku Quisada

Jermane Britton


Where Is the Cast of Invite Only Cabo Now?

An update on Larry Sims and his friends ... Watch Invite Only Cabo Online and OnDemand on Bravo!

Kamani and Agu Finally Share a Kiss

Finally ... Watch Invite Only Cabo Online and OnDemand on Bravo!

Kamani Says Emily Crossed the Line

Kamani Alana is not okay with Emily Moses talking about her family.

Is Corey in Love With Larry?

Corey confessed his love the night before, but can't remember doing so the next day.

Larry Reaches a Breaking Point

Larry Sims can't handle the group's drama anymore .

Corey Professes His Love for Larry

And Larry is overcome with emotion as a result.
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