Set in the Florida Panhandle along the beach that stretches all the way to Alabama, “MTV Floribama Shore” is the story of eight young adults who come to spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up and put the real world on hold for just a little bit longer.

But each is armed with incredible life experiences and standing at a crossroads, whether it’s ending a relationship, tasting independence for the first time, or trying to escape the past. This coming of age story captures the very real thrill and angst of being young and trying to figure out the future with a group of people you’ll come to call fam.

MTV Floribama Shore heads to St. Petersburg, FL, for another wild summer. Roommates Jeremiah, Codi, Kortni, Aimee, Kirk, Nilsa, Candace, Gus and newest addition Mattie navigate love and friendships while taking the Florida-Alabama coastal party scene by storm.





Mattie Lynn







After Show – Return of the Kookapoo

Mattie and Jeremiah discuss their unlikely connection in the house, bonding with Jeremiah's parents and their first kiss.

Who knew Flashing Had Repercussions?

The police confront Nilsa about exposing herself in the club, and her volatile reaction doesn't help the situation.

Jeremiah’s Summer Gets Better

During the group's night out, Mattie and Jeremiah get close on the dance floor and leave the bar early.

Will Gus and Jeremiah’s Talk End in a Fight?

The roommates worry when they spot Gus and Jeremiah talking to each other during the party at Codi's parents' house.

Nilsa Mourns The Loss of a Friend

To confront her grief over her friend's death, Nilsa visits the spot in Nashville, TN, where he was killed, and Mattie, Aimee and Candace provide moral support.

Can Codi’s Family bring Jeremiah and Gus Back Together?

When the roommates accompany Codi on his trip home to Westminster, SC, Codi's dad Jerrie probes for info about Gus and Jeremiah's ongoing beef.


Free The Chi Chi’s – MTV Floribama Shore Season 3 | Ep 12

Jeremiah faces a decision about his love life, Kortni worries about her past catching up with her as she returns to the shore house, and Nilsa goes too far during a night out.

Return of the Kookapoo – MTV Floribama Shore Season 3 | Ep 11

The roommates let loose with their families at Codi's parents' house in South Carolina, Jeremiah and Gus talk about their fight, and Mattie and Jeremiah grow closer.Let's see some Butts!

Let’s see some Butts! – MTV Floribama Shore Season 3 | Ep 10

Nilsa heads to Nashville, TN, to confront her grief over a friend's death, and the guys visit Codi's hometown, where Codi's dad tries to get Jeremiah and Gus to make peace.

Check Please – MTV Floribama Shore Season 3 | Ep 9

The roommates start new jobs, Aimee reconnects with Kortni while in PCB for a court date, and a friendly dodgeball game leads to an unfriendly dinner for Jeremiah and Gus.

Floribama Pride – MTV Floribama Shore Season 3 | Ep 8

Things get weird during Jeremiah's date with Kristen, the roommates pitch in at a Pride festival, and the arrival of Gus's friend Mattie helps ease tensions in the house.

Bro-ke up – MTV Floribama Shore Season 3 | Ep 7

The roommates deal with the awkward aftermath of Gus and Jeremiah's blowout, Nilsa twerks Candace away from an altercation, and Gus decides to teach Jeremiah a lesson.
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