The docu-series profiles big personalities who’ve gotten rich by getting their hands dirty. These men and women have made millions rolling up their sleeves… but at the end of the work day, they drive home to their palatial mansions and park their pick-up next to their collection of high-end sports cars.

No doubt about it – these are not your typical millionaires. Learn how guts, grit, and a can-do mindset made them rich beyond their wildest dreams…and find out how they spend their hard-earned millions when they’re off the clock and having fun.



Bruce Schindler

The Mammoth Hunter

Laura Fitzgerald

The Belle of the Wells

Steve Hightower

The Custodian of Crude

Scott Selzer

The Renegade Roofer

Debbie Wiener

The Slayer of Slobs

Mickey Redwine

The Legend

Richard and Rachel

The Hot Rods of Home Goods

Nick Baucom

The Few The Proud The Movers

Jason Phillips

The King of Color

Nick and Dallas

The Guardians of Ganja

Ron Sturgeon

The Junkyard God

Simone Bruni

The Diva of Demolition

Jeb Lopez

The Disrupter of Delivery

Mark Stoner

The Sultan of Soot

Chris Green

Master of Faster

Vincent and Vanice Serrano

The Tow Daddy

Mike Vetter

The Da Vinci of Vehicles

Brian Lofgren

Captain of Crud

Chuck Ceccarelli

The Titan of Towing

Joe and Kristen Souza

The Dukes of Ukes

Dave and Kristen Weimer

Braddock Construction

Bunny and Rick Lightsey

The Florida Gator Gurus

Connie Lorenz

The Protector of Pavements

Antonio Sustiel

The Flooring King


The Rock Bottom Moment that led to a Multi-Million Fortune

Before Brian Whiteway found success in his property restoration company, DallasWhite, he hit a low point.

Living It Up in a $1.5 Million Bachelor Pad

Charlie Ferer found success with his artificial lawn company, Paradise Greens. So, what does this millionaire spend his money on?

Making Every Kid’s Dream a Reality

As a child, Steve Humble was fascinated with secret doors in movies. So when he became an adult, he learned how to design them.

Fake It Till You Make It

An engineer whose amazing hidden doors are the secret to his success

Meet Charlie Ferer

Charlie is the owner and founder of Paradise Greens, a lawn company that installs synthetic grass.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Your Own Business

Larry Sutton was retired and playing golf, but he was bored. So, Larry decided to become an entrepreneur.
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