MotherDaughter Experiment CE

Doug Denies Krista’s Allegations of an Affair

Therapy turns into a he said/she said situation when Doug's account of his relationship with Krista differs from hers

Our Lifetime Movie

The women of The Mother/Daughter Experiment choose the casting and titles of the hypothetical Lifetime movies

Doug Explains How He Met Courtney

The other moms and daughters react to Doug's explanation of his relationship with Courtney.

Cassie Finally Opens Up in Therapy

Cassie finally starts to talk about feeling responsible for her parents' problems.

Courtney Tells Her Mother That Doug is Coming

Courtney is nervous about telling Krista that Doug will be coming to their therapy session.

Natalie is Outta Control

Natalie goes on the warpath when she learns that someone has been Googling videos of her fights.