Martha And Snoop Clips

Trey Songz Teases Some Unreleased Collabs with Snoop

Trey Songz reveals the thought process behind some of his love songs and Martha asks Trey about his past collaborations with Snoop.

Michael Rapaport Reveals Which Celebs Are Trash Ballers

Michael Rapaport, who's played basketball with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Michael B. Jordan, reveals which stars hold their own on the court.

Which Does Tank Say Is Sexier: R&B or Hip-Hop?

Actor and singer Tank talks about what music is best for getting intimate, recalls his days as a football star and explains how Jamie Foxx saved his music career.

Martha Refuses to Bend on Her Friendsgiving Rule

During Friendsgiving dinner with Snoop, Jimmy Kimmel, Yvonne Orji and Guillermo, Martha strictly enforces her no phone rule.

Jimmy Kimmel and Yvonne Orji Share Their Roots

Jimmy Kimmel rejoins his first ever co-host Snoop and his distant cousin Martha, and Yvonne Orji from "Insecure" offers up a Nigerian dish.

Snoop and Eve Educate Martha About Ruff Ryders

While cooking their Halloween dish, Snoop and Eve share the history of Ruff Ryders and Eve discusses what it was like being the only female artist on the record label.