Deena’s Private Meeting Becomes Public

Deena's hallway meeting with Mike and Lauren to discuss Jenni's text gets recorded by hidden cameras and microphones, then Mike shares the conversation with the group chat.

Angelina Comes in Hot

The guys try to rile Angelina to the point of exhaustion while Deena and her family explore the resort.

Ronnie Surprises Everyone

After going on blind dates with women his friends picked out for him, Ronnie proves that he has matured by making an unexpected decision at the end of the night.

Ronnie Gets His Shot at Love

Ronnie nervously waits to meet the women his friends have arranged for him to date, and Vinny and Pauly rely on their hosting expertise to keep the event running smoothly.

Deena Wants an Angelina-Free Pregnancy

After Deena tells the roommates that she wants to avoid stress while pregnant, the guys second-guess their idea to have Angelina crash the Las Vegas getaway.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Resort Tour

Angelina encounters some familiar faces as she gives a tour of the Las Vegas resort where the cast and crew quarantined together while shooting Season 4.