About The Show

The Tool Academy is dedicated to taking the most arrogant, dishonest, thoughtless and unfaithful boyfriends and transforming them into husband material. Under the watchful eye of our host, Jordan Murphy and couple’s therapist Trina Dolenz, they will live together and train together in hopes of reforming themselves and becoming better men.

But there’s a catch. Since men this thoughtless and arrogant won’t admit they have a problem, they must be tricked into showing up. So, when the men arrive at Tool Academy, they won’t know WHY they are there… they’ll be under the impression that they are competing in a pageant called “Mr. Awesome” — a search for America’s ultimate Alpha Male. Series created by SallyAnn Salsano, Mike Riley, Jim Ackerman, Dave Hamilton.

Meet The Cast

Jordan Murphy
Trina Dolenz

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