About The Show

MY FRIGGIN’ WEDDING is a docu-series that follows the drama of five over-the-top couples as they plan and execute the weddings of their off-the-wall dreams. Their budgets may not be the biggest…but their mouths often are, and just because they’re in love doesn’t mean they see eye to eye on how it should all go down.

Along the way they’ll battle their families, friends and each other to work out all the details. It may be time to settle down, but it’s not time to settle for anything less than a totally kick-ass wedding. Whether it’s about smoke machines and lasers or a suckling pig centerpiece, remember, “classy” is in the eye of the beholder. Fist pump!

Meet The Cast

Sandra and Joey
Tammie and Danny
Alyssa and Tyler
Matt and Amanda
Megin and Johnny

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