About The Show

Lifetime Television premieres the all-new hour-long docu-series, “Love Handles: Couples in Crisis,” from executive producer SallyAnn Salsano (“Jersey Shore”) on Tuesday, May 31, at 10PM ET/PT. The eye-opening series features a dual transformation as overweight couples attempt to save their lives and relationships as they confront what lies at the core of their issues.

Each one-hour episode of “Love Handles: Couples in Crisis” follows the drama when two overweight couples battle the bulge and their relationship problems. Through 60 days of challenging workouts and relationship therapy, the couples will explore how they’ve reached the breaking point in their lives and how to get back on track. They’ve blamed each other, sabotaged each other and avoided the issues that threaten to end their love and even their lives. The ultimate question they must ask themselves is, “Can their relationship be fixed or is it too late?”

Meet The Cast

Ted Trent
Keller Wortham

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