Josh Murray

Josh Murray, who goes by “Murray,” is a loveable redneck teddy bear (if teddy bears had tattoos and loved to party) from Louise, Miss. This 31-year-old has a big personality and an even bigger appetite. He loves the outdoors and loves not wearing shoes even more. Murray claims he’s never one to start a fight, but the fact that he’s 300 lbs. and usually the biggest guy at any party, he somehow always ends up in the middle of them.


Lyle Boudreaux

Lyle Boudreaux is a 28-year-old momma’s boy who grew up in the backwoods swamps of Lafayette, La. He considers himself a down-home gentleman with a Cajun swagger and a southern smile that ladies can’t resist. Lyle loves the sound of his duck calls, and his five-year-old daughter means the world to him. Making people smile comes easily to him and he’s all about having a good time. Lyle hopes to someday find a nice, country girl whom he can bring home to his mother.


Ryan Richards

Ryan Richards is a 33-year-old southern ladies man from Orange Beach, Ala. He refers to himself as “Daddy” and his past proves that he has had better luck hunting women than deer. Daddy has an appetite for courting danger and he never leaves home without his best friend, the beer funnel. He loves to spear fish, arm wrestle strangers in bars and drink … just about anything. There are three things that Daddy is scared of: rattlesnakes, redheads and STDs.


Walt Windham 

Walt Windham is a 26-year-old wild redneck from Frankfort, Ky. He has an appetite for danger and the inability to say no to a dare. He excels at off-roading in his big truck, working with his hands and dancing up a storm with ladies from the local bar. While Walt is not currently looking for love, he still enjoys mingling with the ladies and lending them his ear. He tends to be the voice of reason in this crazy household, which causes him to lose patience with his roommates at times.


Lauren White

Lauren White is hell on heels from Pineville, La. At 21 years old, Lauren is ready to get of her mother’s house, party hard and get her extensions dirty. She loves to go mudding, has a weakness for country guys and is worried that she will fall in love this summer in Murrells. When it comes to taking her clothes off, Lauren is the first to strip down to her birthday suit, as long as it’s in the name of a good time. She’s a firm believer of living life with no regrets & always speaking her mind.


Mattie Breaux

Mattie Breaux is a 24-year-old former beauty queen from Gheens, La. Standing tall at 6’3 with heels on, Mattie is never shy to speak her mind. She loves being the center of attention and partying is one of her favorite past times. Mattie truly defines “hot mess” as her love life is always full of drama. She’s involved in an on-again off-again relationship back home, so this summer in Murrells will surely test its strength.


Tiffany Heinen

Tiffany Heinen is a farmer’s daughter, with a pet pig named Rooster. This 25-year-old, from Eunice, La., grew up on a 180-acre farm surrounded by rice fields and alligators. Loud and opinionated, Tiffany never keeps anyone guessing about what is on her mind. She cooks, cleans, parties, and as everyone in the household can attest, she certainly knows how to talk. Tiffany has standards when it comes to the guys she dates — if they don’t drive a truck, they might as well not ask for her number.

hannah_281x211 copy

Hannah Guidry

Hannah “Hott Dogg” Guidry is newly single for the first time in a while and looking to enjoy it. This 27 year old, from New Orleans, was born on the Louisiana Bayou to a Cajun family. Her favorite foods include: turtle, crawfish, squirrel and deer. When she’s not muddin’, ATV’in, huntin’ and fishin’, she’s getting black-out drunk on the weekends. She probably has a lot of crazy stories but can’t remember them. As for her dream man, he is tall, handsome and has a gym membership. Guidry thinks she’ll get along swell with Daddy because they have a mutual love of beer bongs.