Poppin’ Bottles and Setting Ground Rules

Suzi and Antonio are ready to get to work at Drai's, and Pauly and Vinny set ground rules for the suite regarding kissing, staying fresh, cleanliness and privacy.

Brandon Feels the Wrath of the Women

The women confront Brandon after he flirts with other people in front of Marissa, then Brandon tries to clear the air.

Can the New Guys Match Vinny’s Stroke?

Vinny instructs Antonio, Brandon and Nicky in a Chippendales dance routine as Pauly and the ladies look on.

Marissa and Brandon’s Hookup Makes Waves

Before spilling the beans to Vinny, Pauly chats with Brandon about how hooking up with Marissa could cause problems in the house.

What Happens After Angelina’s Wedding Drama?

In the fallout of the girls' divisive wedding speech to Angelina, the roommates wonder whether they'll ever make amends with the unhappy bride.

Angelina Isn’t Happy About the Girls’ Wedding Speech

After the girls trash Staten Island in their wedding speech to Angelina, the bride walks out of her own reception.

The Ladies’ Bridesmaid Speech Goes from Toast to Roast

Bridesmaids Nicole, Jenni and Deena's heartfelt wedding toast to Angelina and Chris goes left when a joke about Staten Island bombs with the wedding guests.