the roomies turn up at a jersey bowling alley

The roommates take Lauren bowling to get her mind off Mike's delayed release from prison when Jersey Shore Family Vacation returns Thursday at 8/7c.

missing mike

Vinny, Jenni and Nicole talk to Mike about his experiences in prison and look back at how the roommates honored him while he was away.

whose quote is it anyway?

Pauly, Vinny, Ronnie and Mike read quotes to one another and guess who is responsible for the sage words of wisdom.

jersey shore 10-year challenge

Mike, Vinny, Nicole, Jenni, Pauly, Deena, Angelina and Ronnie talk about their aspirations for the next decade and share uplifting messages for their roommates.

vinny and angelina’s most epic fights

Mike plays mediator as Vinny and Angelina look back at some of their most explosive arguments and finally clear the air about how close they grew up to each other.

Mattie and Jeremiah Find Common Ground

Mattie and Jeremiah share their gratitude for the friendship they've developed over the summer.

Jeremiah and Gus Need Space

Jeremiah and Gus sit down with Jeremiah's brother Josh to figure out their living arrangement once they leave St. Pete Beach.