Candace Questions Codi’s Sincerity

Codi learns Candace thinks his interest in her is disingenuous.

Jeremiah and Mattie Aren’t on the Same Page

Jeremiah asks Mattie what her expectations are for after the summer -- while they're at a bar with their friends.

Trey Songz Teases Some Unreleased Collabs with Snoop

Trey Songz reveals the thought process behind some of his love songs and Martha asks Trey about his past collaborations with Snoop.

nicole, jenni and deena watch their kids’ cutest moments

Nicole, Jenni and Deena look back at sweet, hilarious and embarrassing moments with their kids and talk about mom life.

The Roomies Get Ready for Josh’s Arrival

While Jeremiah picks his brother Josh up from the airport, Candace, Mattie, Kirk, Gus and Codi discuss the possible outcomes of Josh's visit.

the roomies play gtl: guess the lingo

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 3 ยท Exclusive Jenni, Vinny, Deena, Mike, Nicole, Ronnie, Angelina and Pauly test their shore house terminology as they play a game of Guess the Lingo.

jenni and nicole get a tarot card reading

Jenni gets answers about her love life, and Nicole finds out if another baby is in her future as the women sit down for a tarot card reading.