After Show – Return of the Kookapoo

Mattie and Jeremiah discuss their unlikely connection in the house, bonding with Jeremiah's parents and their first kiss.

mike comes home to his jersey shore family

It's all love when Mike returns to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation on Thursday, February 27, at 8/7c.

Who knew Flashing Had Repercussions?

The police confront Nilsa about exposing herself in the club, and her volatile reaction doesn't help the situation.

Kortni Worries About Logan’s Release from Jail

Kortni returns to the shore house and frets about Logan's mindset after his release from jail, and Gus takes a different approach with Nilsa.

Jeremiah’s Summer Gets Better

During the group's night out, Mattie and Jeremiah get close on the dance floor and leave the bar early.

Will Gus and Jeremiah’s Talk End in a Fight?

The roommates worry when they spot Gus and Jeremiah talking to each other during the party at Codi's parents' house.

Michael Rapaport Reveals Which Celebs Are Trash Ballers

Michael Rapaport, who's played basketball with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Michael B. Jordan, reveals which stars hold their own on the court.