Deena Wants an Angelina-Free Pregnancy

After Deena tells the roommates that she wants to avoid stress while pregnant, the guys second-guess their idea to have Angelina crash the Las Vegas getaway.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Resort Tour

Angelina encounters some familiar faces as she gives a tour of the Las Vegas resort where the cast and crew quarantined together while shooting Season 4.

Angelina Wants an Apology

Lauren, Mike and Vinny talk to Angelina about her reaction to Jenni, Deena and Nicole's speech on her wedding day, and how everyone can move on from the conflict.

Jenni Reveals News About Zack

Jenni shows Vinny the recent upgrades at her house and gives a surprising update about where she now stands with Zack.

Spend the Holidays with Jersey Shore Family Vacation

The crew that quarantines in a bubble together stays together as Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres November 19.

Did Vinny and Maria Have Their Porn Date?

Vinny and Maria discuss what happened when they left Las Vegas and what the future might hold for them.

Pauly and Nikki’s Relationship Status Update

Despite having an on-again, off-again relationship on the show, Pauly and Nikki happily reveal that they've been together since Season 2 ended.