Nikki Pours Her Heart Out

Nikki shows Pauly an impassioned letter she wrote in which she admits the full extent of her feelings for him.

Vinny Presents Personalized Gifts to Pauly D and Mike

When Pauly and Mike show up to wish Vinny good luck before his Chippendales show, Vinny gives them intimate gifts to mark the occasion.

Brandon Gets a Pep Talk from Mike

Mike offers sound life advice after Brandon opens up about hooking up with Marissa (again).

Everyone Is Hooking Up

As things heat up between Vinny and Maria, Suzi and Nicky, Brandon and Marissa, and Pauly and Nikki, Antonio enjoys a snack, and Derynn and B-Lashes have deja vu.

The Floodgates Open at DJ Pauly D’s Pool Party

Vinny and Maria catch everyone off guard when they make out onstage at the pool party, then Pauly and Nikki follow suit in the DJ booth.

A Cat Takes Over the Suite

Derynn brings the claws out after Nicky, Brandon and Antonio pull a prank on her.

Nicky and Suzi’s Hookup Is Anything but Subtle

Nicky and Suzi take their relationship to the next level, and their suitemates are here for it -- literally.