Tattoos After Dark

Tattoos After Dark: Hollywood Hard Knocks

BMX star Rick Thorne gets a tattoo around a bump on his head. The Venice and Hollywood shops face off in a joust. Asaru has a crush on a reborn virgin.

Tattoos After Dark: Face The Fear

Dreah wants a third eye pierced on her face. Nizhoni's dream of dedicating a tattoo to her mother is in jeopardy. Two bruised girls appear at the shop.

Tattoos After Dark: Late Night Horror

Laine gets a giant scar covered up with a bloody tattoo, a couple that was married by Satan gets pierced by Chris Saint, and Charles gets a ridiculous Japanese warrior tattoo.

Tattoos After Dark: Commitment

Alexis gets a tattoo highlighting her Puerto Rican roots, Vinny opens up with a tattoo that roars, Chris meets his biggest fan, and a couple renews their love with wedding band tattoos.

Tattoos After Dark: The Skin You’re In

Derek gets a seahorse on his perfect abs, Mailyn and her family get body art to celebrate beating breast cancer and a hippy gets dermals on her back to accentuate an existing tattoo.

Tattoos After Dark: Bad Boys

Jeremy gets a guy mantra tattooed on his leg, Stevie gets her first professional tattoo, and Paige goes through three painful piercings after breaking up with her boyfriend.