Tattoo Nightmares

Tattoo Nightmares: Most Offensive Tattoo Ever

After losing her mother, a young lady goes down a very dark and destructive path. On her 21st birthday, she gets a tattoo that tells everybody just how she feels: "F.U."

Tattoo Nightmares: Phallic Disaster

A young man gets a very embarrassing tattoo in an attempt to be one of the "cool kids." Now Tommy is tasked with covering it up.

Tattoo Nightmares: Tattoo His Daughter Can Be Proud Of

This devoted father gets his embarrassing tattoo of a naked woman covered up with a beautiful tattoo of an animal caring for its young. Behind the tattoo is a ribbon that supports pediatric brain cancer.

Tattoo Nightmares: A Stamp from the Past

Jasmine's client has an old tramp stamp tattoo that always reminds him of what he used to be before his life-changing transformation. He'd prefer not to have a constant reminder of his past, so a cover-up is in order.

Tattoo Nightmares: Disguising the Tribal Tramp Stamp

Jasmine changes Hayden's lower back tattoo from an embarrassing tribal mess to a beautiful musical work of art. Just another day at Tattoo Nightmares.

Tattoo Nightmares: Murder Boner

Ralph's acquired a tattoo through duress that throws him into daily battles with his wife - you could say this tattoo really "sticks out"...