After Show – Party Down South Season 3 | Ep 12

Christine Lakin sits down with Daddy, Tiffany and Walt to talk about reuniting for season three, view never-before-seen clips and chat with a special guest.

Bye Bye, Biloxi – Party Down South Season 3 | Ep 11

Mattie competes in a bikini contest at Mudfest, Hott Dogg has an encounter with Martha, and everyone tries to tie up loose ends on the last day of vacation.

Down This Road Before – Party Down South Season 3 | Ep 10

Daddy and Hott Dogg try to sort out their relationship on their own, but Tiffany keeps butting in because she's worried that it's just another Lil Bit situation.

The Big Uneasy – Party Down South Season 3 | Ep 9

The Louisianimals travel to New Orleans where Mattie ends her dry spell, but the same can't be said for Daddy and Hott Dogg.

Mixed Drinks and Mixed Signals – Party Down South Season 3 | Ep 8

Daddy and Hott Dogg can't seem to get back to normal after she sees that he's not ready for anything serious, and the gang heads down to Louisiana to see their parents.

Some Type O’Way – Party Down South Season 3 | Ep 7

Everyone meets Mattie's angry alter ego Martha, and the boys try to take Daddy out for a guys' night to get his mind off Hott Dogg, which completely backfires.