Party Down South Episodes

The Final Funnel – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 12

Christine Lakin hosts a last look at the laughs, fights, hookups and breakups from five memorable vacations comprising a group of eight southerners with an unbreakable bond.

Last Call – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 11

Lauren discovers how to neutralize Martha, Lyle fields one last call from Santana, and Walt suggests creating a time capsule to commemorate the gang's last vacation together.

Foul-Weathered Friend – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 10

The men look for payback as they challenge the women to a paintball battle, Bubba surprises Tiffany with a visit, and Lyle and Mattie take turns partying out of control.

Single on a Segway – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 9

The men battle the women in a high-stakes Segway relay race, Murray gets lucky, and when Lyle's promise ring comes off, Mattie wonders if the time is right to make a move.

Watermelon, Meet Lartha – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 8

When Lauren "gets it going" one night, the house is introduced to Lartha, while Mattie has words with Santana, and Murray's friend Chi Chi helps Tiffany forget about Bubba.

Wild Lyle Down – Party Down South Season 5 | Ep 7

The crew heads to South Carolina to see a NASCAR race close up, thanks to Daddy's connections, but once back home, troubling news concerning Santana puts Lyle into a tailspin.