Mattie and Jeremiah Find Common Ground

Mattie and Jeremiah share their gratitude for the friendship they've developed over the summer.

Jeremiah and Gus Need Space

Jeremiah and Gus sit down with Jeremiah's brother Josh to figure out their living arrangement once they leave St. Pete Beach.

Candace Questions Codi’s Sincerity

Codi learns Candace thinks his interest in her is disingenuous.

Jeremiah and Mattie Aren’t on the Same Page

Jeremiah asks Mattie what her expectations are for after the summer -- while they're at a bar with their friends.

The Roomies Get Ready for Josh’s Arrival

While Jeremiah picks his brother Josh up from the airport, Candace, Mattie, Kirk, Gus and Codi discuss the possible outcomes of Josh's visit.

Kortni Chooses to Put her Mental Health First

Kortni tells Codi and Kirk that she's decided to seek help for past trauma. If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, visit for resources and support.