Love Blows

No Nipples!

It's class vs. cleavage when Lisa, Annie and Nikki choose date outfits for a client.

Sorry, Annie

Lisa and Annie share a heart to heart. Lisa explains that her meddling comes from a place of love and protection.

The Love Triangle

Jim, Lisa, and Nikki explain their love-hate relationship with one another.

Too Far in the Kissing Booth

Vanessa calls Nikki the town drunk. Rusty's kissing booth gets too intimate. Annie admits a secret to Patti.

Ethan, the Shirtless Internet Sensation

The crew gets a new client and he's a bible-thumping virgin. How will they pull this off?

Patti’s on a Mission to Find the Perfect DILF

Patti's pretty stressed out about going on three blind dates, but she's excited to meet all the DILFs!