the guys go incognito to crash angelina’s bachelorette party

Pauly, Vinny and Mike use their powers of deduction to pinpoint where in New Orleans the ladies are partying, so they can stealthily make their way there to surprise them.

Sneak Peek – A Familiar Face Returns

The roommates are shocked when Pauly D's stalker Vanessa shows up at the club to see him spin, and Pauly D wonders if he's been wrong about her all along.

Sneak Peek – Girls’ Lunch

The girls take Lauren out to lunch while the guys help Mike get ready to propose.

Sneak Peek – Proposal Prep

Mike stresses out after leaving the roommates to prepare the house for his proposal.

Sneak Peek – Vinny’s Surprise Family Dinner

The crew comes home to find that Vinny's mom and Uncle Nino have prepared a family dinner.

Sneak Peek – Cheers to Big Daddy Sitch

Mike reveals how he wants to propose to his girlfriend Lauren.