Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Clips

Is Jenni Ready For Marriage Again?

On their anniversary, Jenni expresses to Zack that she’s in no rush to have a wedding.

Sammi Falls Back Into Place In The Fam

Sammi opens up about how natural it feels coming back and being with the girls.

Things Are About To Get HEATED on Jersey Shore Family Vacation!

The fam is finally ALL back together! Which means things will get even wilder, weirder, with more drama to come.

Would You Rather? Boardwalk Edition

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation makes some hard decisions during a game of ""Would You Rather?"" Boardwalk Edition!

Sammi Catches Up With the Fam

Sammi catches up with the roommates with what’s been going on in everyone’s lives.

The Jersey Shore Cast Opens A 2010s Time Capsule

Experts on all things zebra print and velour, who better to open the 2010s Time Capsule than the cast of Jersey Shore?