Are Vinny and His Match Still Together?

Reunited in public for the first since filming the Double Shot at Love finale, Vinny and his match reveal the state of their relationship.

Uncle Nino Has a Talk with Alysse

While the guys' families get to know the remaining ladies, Vinny's Uncle Nino takes an opportunity to chat up Alysse.

Pauly’s Final Cab Ceremony

Pauly's final Cab Ceremony all comes down to one woman.

Vinny’s Final Cab Ceremony

Faced with whether to take a shot at love with Elle or Alysse, Vinny makes his final decision.

Who Will Vinny and Pauly Choose?

Before making their final selections, Vinny and Pauly mull over the pros and cons of the remaining ladies.

Bowling with Pauly Isn’t For Everybody

The intense side of Pauly comes out during a friendly bowling game.