Reunion – Double Shot at Love Ep 14

After the Double Shot at Love finale, Justina Valentine sits down with Pauly, Vinny and the ladies to discuss drama, hookups and the shocking final Cab Ceremony.

The Final Shot – Double Shot at Love Ep 13

Before the final Cab Ceremony, Pauly and Vinny's moms drop by to meet the remaining ladies, and the guys decide who they want to ask for a shot at love.

You Can’t Handle the Truth – Double Shot at Love Ep 12

The truth comes out when Jersey Shore's Jenni and Ronnie subject the singles to a lie detector test, and Pauly and Vinny go on their final one-on-one dates.

In Da Club… With Your Parents – Double Shot at Love Ep 11

Pauly and Vinny see a different side of the women when the singles' friends and family members visit the house, and Ronnie and Jenni drop by and bring a surprise with them.

DJs to PJs – Double Shot at Love Ep 10

After Pauly takes the ladies to Houston to get a taste of his DJ lifestyle, Vinny takes them to Staten Island to get grilled by his Jersey Shore roommate Nicole.

Pack Your Baggage – Double Shot at Love Ep 9

The ladies confront their relationship baggage, test out their maternal instincts during a day with Pauly's "daughter" and pack for a trip on a private jet with the guys.