Bachelorette Weekend

The Final Bach – Bachelorette Weekend | Ep 10

While preparing for the final party of the season, Liz's resignation means more work for everyone else, Robbie tries to secure an investor, and Nicole sticks up for Liz.

What’s Up with Liz? – Bachelorette Weekend | Ep 9

Robbie knows something is going on as Liz secretly searches for a new job, the team hosts a bachelorette party from California, and Nicole has a secret admirer.

Boys, Boys, Boys! – Bachelorette Weekend | Ep 8

Liz fears for her job after she overhears Robbie talking to an investor, and the crew plans a competitive bachelor party for a former magician and his groomsmen.

Happy Birthday Baches – Bachelorette Weekend | Ep 7

Birthday diva Liz forces the office to go all out, Rachal makes a painful decision, and Robbie pursues a new investor as the company plans a multiparty ultimate weekend.

Nama-Stay in Nashville – Bachelorette Weekend | Ep 6

California yogis arrive for an adventure-filled weekend, a mistake by Rosa pushes Rachal over the edge, and the Bach Weekend crew tries to lift Rachal's spirits.

Last Minute Bash – Bachelorette Weekend | Ep 5

When a party cancels on Bach Weekend at the last minute, the crew scrambles to fill their spot with another party. Between pranks and work, the girls butt heads with JJ. Meanwhile, Robbie’s big secret comes to a head.