High Noon

Brooklyn born, street educated and now a Miami transplant, Samuel Suarez’ (HighNoon) natural curiosity of comic book art led him to outshine the heat in the Miami tattoo scene, cementing his position as a major Sunshine State tattoo artist.

From an early age, Suarez was influenced by street life and art, cementing his first real “tag” (illegal graffiti of his own name) at age 9. After being banished from corporate America in the late 90’s, he supported a family by creating comic book covers, logos and other graphic arts – even catching the eye of Marvel Comics. Then, in 2004, a friend asked him to design a tattoo and that’s when lightning finally struck. Two years later he was winning awards for Best In Show at tattoo conventions.

Suarez’ work is a mixture of graphic narrative and storytelling. Like comics, he pairs words and pictures together to blend present and future on his human canvases.

Clint Cummings

Owner of Sparrows Tattoo Company in Mansfield, Texas, Clint Cummings has been working as a professional tattoo artist for ten years. A custom artist by trade, Clint tackles everything from portraits to traditional. Cummings says, “There’s just something to doing a tattoo that feels more real. It’s hard to explain.

As cool as it is to see an incredible tattoo, it’s a thousand times cooler to ink that tattoo on somebody else.

Reese Hilburn

Reese Hilburn is a lowbrow contemporary artist and tattooist based in Southern California. Born and raised in San Diego, Reese had always been an art enthusiast, but in 2009, she had discovered her artistic talents after moving to Los Angeles.

She then began her journey toward becoming a professional oil painter through fine arts training at the Academy of Art University. Her intuitive passion for expressing mood and emotion on canvas and paper along with her mastery of technique in oil and graphite was soon recognized, which allowed her to receive an opportunity into the world of tattooing, a medium that now has her enthralled irrevocably. Her style of tattooing, like her fine artwork, falls into the realistic category with hints surrealistic elements.