Bradley Mitchell

A hardworking hand from the oil field and self-proclaimed ladies’ man whose two addictions in life include women and partying, both of which often land him in hot water.

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Hunter Robinson

A proud Kentucky Wildcat who can often be found with a fishing rod in one hand and a beer in the other. He never goes to sleep until the keg is empty

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Michael “Duke”

He’s a good ol’ boy who never passes up a party, but he’s always there when you need him, filled with words of country wisdom.

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Tommy Thies

A firefighter who never misses a day at the gym. He spends hours working on his physique so he can impress all the ladies with his ripped abs and toned arms.

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Ashton Mosley

She’s a preacher’s daughter who enjoys fishing and hunting. Ashton also has a tendency of getting wild when she goes out though, hence her nickname “Smashton.”

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Karynda Worcester

Sweet tea lover whose favorite things include line dancing and beer. She can definitely hang with the guys and ain’t your typical Southern belle.

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Kelsie Davenport

This 21-year-old student is from Yellville, Arkansas. She’s currently single and all the guys know she is bad news. Kelsie likes to take shots and likes to funnel. Don’t cross her because she’s got a revenge streak and isn’t afraid of confrontation.

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Raven Stein

Her nickname ain’t “Barbi” for no reason. This girl is known to stir up trouble when she drinks because she’s constantly inciting drama and reveling in the attention.

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