Nikki Alexander

As the oldest of the Alexander sisters, Nikki is known as the “Mama Bear” of the family and is the glue that holds her sisters together. After being in the public eye for many years, Nikki fell in love with Knoxville and decided to uproot her life and pursue her dream of opening her own clothing boutique. Nikki has brought her sisters along for the ride and with everyone under her roof, it’s up to her to keep the peace.

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Jenni Alexander

The second oldest in the family, Jenni prides herself on being the structured and responsible sister. Inherently stubborn, Jenni doesn’t like to listen to other people and thinks she’s always right. A massage therapist by trade, Jenni recently moved from Michigan to Tennessee to start a new business and provide her three children with a better life.

Erika Alexanderr

Erika is extremely protective over her big sister and feels the other siblings can take advantage of her generosity. After a bad break-up, she retreated to Knoxville with her two kids in tow to get her life back on track and help Nikki out with the store. But when times get tense between the ladies, Erika always steps in as the resident jokester.

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Kortnee Alexander

The rebellious spitfire sister, Kortnee dances to the beat of her own drum and is always the life of the party. Trying to pick up the pieces after a painful break-up, she moved from Florida with her two kids to Nikki’s house in Knoxville. Kortnee is very loyal to Nikki and helps out at her boutique in any way possible.

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Meagan Alexanderr

Considered the baby and black sheep of the family, Meagan is currently studying to be a nurse and works three jobs to support her son, Lil’ Dre. She moves down to Knoxville in hopes that living together will help repair her strained relationship with her sisters. Adding to the chaos is her baby’s father and former boyfriend, Dre, who works as Nikki’s personal assistant and also lives in the house.

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