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Dr. Ish MajorDr. Ish Major (Dr. Ish) has spent the last 10 years demystifying the male psyche and helping men and women navigate their way through the dating jungle. Educated at The University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Dr. Ish is a board certified psychiatrist who specializes in women, children, families and all things dating, mating and relating.

As a dating expert and single guy, Dr. Ish is devoted to keeping you on your ‘A’ game when it comes to all of your relationships!

As an on camera expert Dr. Ish is a frequent guest on The Today Show, Nancy Grace and Fox News. He’s appeared with the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, Carrie Fisher, Brooke Shields, Lesley Jane Seymour and the then Editor in Chief of Cosmo Magazine and current best selling author, Kate White. He’s also been featured in Women’s Health, Cosmo, More Magazine and Happen Magazine on Match.com. Dr. Ish is a highly sought after Date Dr. and was named to the prestigious list of America’s Top Psychiatrists for the last 3 years and is recognized by the International Association of HealthCare Professionals as one of the Leading Physicians of the World.


As an author, Dr. Ish decoded men’s lies and created Little White Whys. ‘Whys’ helps empower women to make better relationship decisions by revealing the hidden truths in men’s secret language.

Dr Ish lives in Manhattan, New York where he practices and continues to relish any opportunity to help others move forward in their relationships to find happiness. He is thoroughly enjoying the multicultural energy and the sexy single life of the city!

Dr Ish brings his expertise to Ex Isle where he’s working to help couples break free from the past relationships that are holding them back.

Find out more about Dr. Ish at www.drishmajor.com and follow him on twitter @DrIshMajor