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“I put blood sweat and tears into my success. It sure did not come on a silver platter.”

Mickey Redwine – The Legend

Business: Dynamic Cable Holdings

Mickey Redwine, a pioneer in fiber optic cabling, was in the trenches of the internet boom. His company Dynamic Cable Holdings, was responsible for laying thousands of miles of fiber optic cable throughout the country. As the market matured and became saturated, Mickey had already made a fortune and decided it was time to clean the mud off his boots and enjoy an early, relaxing, retirement. For Mickey, that relaxation meant following his childhood dream of becoming a police officer. Today, Mickey donates his time and works part-time without compensation as a fully licensed Texas police/peace officer and enjoys his fortune with his family and friends while kicking back at his private resort on Lake Travis. Not too shabby for a guy who started his company with a used telephone truck and a dream.

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