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“Wheels go up, cash comes in.”

Jeb Lopez – The Disrupter of Delivery

Business: Wheelz Up

Born in the Philippines, Jeb Lopez always dreamt of living in America. Jeb’s dad offered to pay for college if he got accepted to school in the states. Jeb got accepted and moved to California for college. After graduation, he landed a good IT job in Washington, DC. However, he soon realized the white-collar world was not for him. So, he quit his job, and started volunteering for a non-profit organization. To earn some money, he took a temp job delivering auto parts for a local auto dealership. He recognized there was a big opportunity to improve upon the auto parts delivery service.

So, in 2011 with only $7,000, he launched Wheelz Up, LLC, a business that delivers auto parts to dealers, and body & repair shops in the metro DC area. Today, five years later, his company is bringing in over $4 million a year. With that great success, he’s been able to continue his work at the non-profit, as well as live a life of luxury he couldn’t fathom growing up in the Philippines.

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