❰ Blue Collar Millionaires // Season 2 Millionaires

“I put the fastest cars on the road and I overtook all my competition.”

Chris Green – Master of Faster

Business: USP Motorsports

From selling candy in elementary school to installing car stereo systems in high school, Chris Green has always been a self-starter. College was never in the cards for this Florida kid who got a head start on his friends and went into the work force at 18 years old, and started fixing and racing cars on the side. Chris converted his obsession with racing fast cars into a lucrative business model that, sixteen years later, is pulling in $6 million-a-year. He’s proud of having achieved success with no degree and, instead of paying off student debt, he is now living a life his other 34-year-old friends could only imagine. Even the custom license plate on his yellow Lamborghini, which reads “No Degre,” is a testament to his can-do ambition.

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