❰ Blue Collar Millionaires // Season 2 Millionaires

“I like to move earth, drink beer and get paid.”

Brian Lofgren – Captain of Crud

Business: Underwater Earth Movers

Becoming a dredger was only natural for Brian Lofgren. After all, his dad was a dredger and Brian’s pretty convinced he himself was conceived on a dredge. So when young Brian joined the work force, he signed up as a hired hand for local dredging companies. But when he realized he was smarter than his bosses, he decided to go out on his own and start Underwater Earth Movers. And Brian’s never looked back. Today, between dredging up sediment all along the West Coast and digging for gold in his free time, Brian’s worth a cool $4 million. And most importantly doing what he’s always loved.

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