Robbie Goldsmith

Owner and Founder of Bach Weekend
Robbie loves to be the center of attention, and this consummate entrepreneur serves as owner and founder of Bach Weekend. He has the tendency to say whatever is on his mind (which isn’t always appropriate), and as the “idea guy,” his team is always racing to keep up with his huge plans. Robbie loves being surrounded by women, so leading a staff made up almost entirely of women is fine by him.

Nicole Pancotto

Customer Service & Event Manager
Nicole serves as the customer service manager for Bach Weekend, and it’s her job to make things go right, no matter what. Whether it’s dealing with strippers or crying drunk people, Nicole is in charge of dealing with anyone who is having issues and fixing the problem.

Liz Ivy

Partnerships Manager
Liz is the most upbeat and outgoing person in the office. As the partnerships manager, Liz’s job entails seeking out and maintaining relationships with sponsors. Liz and Nicole are close and spend time together outside of work, but Liz tends to butt heads with Rosa as they don’t always see eye to eye.

Rosa Castano

Director of Sales
Rosa is a problem-solver and takes her job seriously. Her goal is to find the most logical solutions and solve issues quickly and effectively. She tends to butt heads to with Liz because their styles are radically different. Rosa recently got married and had her own bachelorette party with Bach Weekend.

Johnathan Jones

Creative Director/ Photographer/Graphic Designer
Johnathan is outgoing and loves to laugh, but he has a slightly devilish side. Despite his easy-going persona, this creative mind is ultra-competitive. And while he has a girlfriend, he’s known as being a notorious flirt.

Rachal Smith

Chief Operating Officer
Rachal is the mom of the office, and her career is her baby. As Robbie’s partner, Rachal takes care of the financial side of the business, but she’s also tasked with keeping everyone on track. If a party gets a little too wild, Rachal is the one who steps in and cleans things up.